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Adventure Awaits You On The Dicey Peaks!

Hi everyone!

We are proud to announce the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for our newest game Dicey Peaks!  Created by superstar game designer Scott Almes, Dicey Peaks is a thrilling tile-flipping, dice-rolling game for 2-6 players!

In the game, you are attempting to be the first to reach the fabled red flag at the top of Yeti Mountain.  To get there, you have to push your luck rolling dice and skillfully choosing when to press ahead, and when to rest to regain some precious oxygen.  As you advance, you reveal tiles that can help or hinder your progress.  Most dangerous of all are the hazards – avalanches and Yetis that can cause you to bust if you press your luck a bit too far!

We are beyond excited to have worked with Scott Almes on his first Calliope Game, bringing this quick-playing heart-pounding adventure to life!  We want this game to be the best possible presentation, so we have partnered again with crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to open it up to amazing backers whose pledges allow us to improve the components and build an immediate interest in the game.

Here is a quick “peak” at the components currently slated to be in the box (and which we can hopefully upgrade even further after shattering goals on Kickstarter):

The components in Dicey Peaks

We sincerely hope you will take a look at the Kickstarter campaign for Dicey Peaks and consider pledging to get a copy.  There is a standard edition for only $26 (including free shipping within the continental U.S.) or a deluxe edition – featuring an exclusive linen-finish box cover, a book of art from the game, and a Yeti standee – for only $36 (again, with free shipping within the continental U.S.).

Have a great day, and watch out for Yetis!


10K Away!

The Titan Series is just 10K away from funding! We’ve revealed additional details about the games by James Ernest, Paul Peterson, and Jordan & Zach Weisman in the Kickstarter updates! Backer-exclusive box art is now a thing! We’ve also got another exciting announcement on the horizon. Have you joined the Titans?

Announcing the Titan Series Launch Date AND a new Titan!

That’s right, folks! After a solid week and a half of preview time, during which many of you were kind enough to share your feedback, we’re ready to launch! Join us on Kickstarter on Tuesday, March 31, at 7:00 PM PST/10:00 PM EST for the kickoff of the Titan Series!

We’re also thrilled to announce a new Titan! Peggy Brown, designer of Buzzword, Backseat Drawing, and Q•bitz!, has kindly agreed to come on board as a stretch goal designer!  Additional designers from across the globe will be announced as additional stretch goals are met.

We can wait to get this party started! See you there!

The Titan Series Infographic

Meet the Titans: Richard Garfield

“The games one describes as ‘gateway’ games are probably my favorite area of games…When people say ‘gateway’ and ‘filler’ games, oftentimes those terms don’t carry the depth of the love I have for that category and I think it underestimates their potential.”

Meet the elite team members behind the Titan Series, a line of family-friendly gateway games crafted by some of the best game designers in the world. Here’s Ray’s interview with Magic: The Gathering, King of Tokyo, and Netrunner designer Richard Garfield.

Meet the Titans: Jordan Weisman

“I love the magic that happens when people are around a table. They’re enjoying each other and the game; the escapism that game provides, the social connectivity, and the way it fires their imaginations.”

Meet the elite team members behind the Titan Series, a line of family-friendly gateway games crafted by some of the best game designers in the world. Here’s Ray’s interview with Shadowrun, HeroClix, and Golem Arcana designer Jordan Weisman.