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Announcing Tsuro soap!

You’ve all played Tsuro: The Game of the Path, a tabletop game in which players become a dragon and find their way forward on a winding path. Now, Tsuro players can take their experience to the next level. Not only can roar like a dragon and flap your arms like leathery wings; you can smell like a dragon too!

Inspired by a brilliant review from Board Games Weekly, we’ve patterned with fine soap maker Bubble Girl Soap to produce beautifully crafted bars reminiscent of the dragon pawns used in Tsuro. Each strongly scented bar is worthy of its draconic inspiration, and will imbue not only its scent but a portion of the dragon’s power to its user. We plan to use this power to fuel our latest Kickstarter, the Titan Series.

A green Tsuro pawn with a dragon embossed on it next to a green bar of soap with a similar dragon inlaid in the bar.

You can win a full set of Tsuro soap! Just comment on this blog post with your idea for a PG-rated, dragon-themed scent by April 7 at 11:59 PM PST.

[UPDATE] Congratulations Mr. Taylor, who won with Simply Scaly!