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All about Roll For it!

TableTop to feature Roll For It!

A dice game Wil Wheaton actually likes!

Please join us in congratulating Roll For It! designer Chris Leder on his TableTop debut! Roll For It! has claimed a spot in TableTop Season 3, which is filming right now in sunny Los Angeles. Now you don’t have to take our word that Roll For It! is awesome–you can take Wil Wheaton’s instead!


Roll For It! Deluxe

When we announced the Gen Con edition of Roll For It!, we were thrilled at the response. But for every squee of delight and exclamation of joy, there was an anguished cry of “BUT I’M NOT GOING TO GEN CON. WHY DO YOU HATE ME?!”.

We don’t hate you. We know not all of you made it to Gen Con (though we were impressed by one man’s efforts to recreate the experience at home). Please accept this virtual hug as a token of our apology.

Not enough? Okay. How about we announce the Roll For It! Deluxe edition? Continue reading

Toni Darling to join Calliope at Gen Con 2014!

Toni Darling as Lady ThorCelebrity cosplayer Toni Darling will be joining us at Gen Con! An accomplished costumer, Toni has amassed a following of over 200,000 loyal fans. Her previous works include exquisite incarnations of Sailor Moon, Black Canary, and Lady Thor, the last of which you may recognize if you’ve been on Facebook recently. Toni herself enjoys really girly vampire drama anime, comic books, and kickboxing.  Continue reading

Enter to win a copy of Gen Con Roll For It!

Limited edition Gen Con Roll For It! TinHave you coveted the limited edition Gen Con Roll For It!, but promptly thrown yourself into a pit of despair because you aren’t going to the convention? Let us lift your spirits! You can now enter to win a copy to hug and squeeze and name George. You could probably play it too.

If you need to refresh your memory regarding this game’s awesomeness, please visit this post. Otherwise, good luck, because this is the only way to get the game without going to Gen Con! Continue reading

Counters: The Board Game Cafe hosts a Tsuro and Roll for it! Tournament

Calliope would like to issue a warm thank-you to Counters: The Board Game Cafe. Counters hosted a Tsuro and Roll for it! tournament back in March. We’re jealous we couldn’t make it out to the UK to join in. If you’re in Cardiff, be sure to stop by and give them our love! Continue reading