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Booth 1901 Is The Place To Be At Gen Con!

Hi everyone!

Can you feel it?  The magic is in the air that can mean only one thing…GEN CON IS HERE!  Like us, you are probably hip-deep in Gen Con prep*, but as you make your plans for the Big Show, we hope you will keep in mind that our booth…

BOOTH 1901

…is going to be chock-full of awesome stuff for you to enjoy!

First, let’s talk about DICEY PEAKS!

Behold Yeti Mountain!

Now, Dicey Peaks isn’t slated to appear on store shelves until late September / early October, but we will have limited pre-release supplies of this amazing tile-and-dice adventure game for sale at our booth.  There will only be a small number allocated across all four days, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!  So come get in on the Yeti Party early!

Scott Almes: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Speaking of Dicey Peaks, we are proud to host the one and only Scott Almes – designer of Dicey Peaks, the Tiny Epic series, and many other games – in our booth all four days, taking on challengers for the summit of Yeti Mountain, and signing copies!

Beyond that, we will also be showing off our next three releases, due to arrive on stores in October.  These are ShutterBug by Mike Elliott, Ancestree by Eric M. Lang, and Capital City by James Ernest!  All three are amazing new entries in the Titans of Gaming series, and we can’t wait to show them off!

Dicey Peaks Makes Its Worldwide Debut at Gen Con 1901, along with sneak previews!

As if that weren’t enough, we also have the clever puzzler Wordoku, plus the dice frenzy Running with the Bulls (by Paul Peterson), delicious worker placement game Menu Masters (by Zach and Jordan Weisman) and smash hit party game Hive Mind (by Richard Garfield) making their Gen Con debut this year!

Making Their 2017 Gen Con Debut!

So much fun packed into one booth!  Please join us!  We are also continuing our Calliope Button Program from last year!  If you demo a game, you get a button for that game, and if you collect them all, you get a fancy golden Titan pin so you can be the envy of your whole neighborhood!

New buttons for your collection!

We hope to see you at Gen Con – booth 1901!  Stop by and say “Howdy!”

-Team Calliope

*We know that many of you won’t be able to make it to Gen Con.  We are profoundly sorry if that’s the case.  If you are interested in possibly joining us as a booth volunteer next year, let us know at!

Visit Us At Origins!

Summer is on its way, and that can mean just one thing!  Pool parties? Vacations? Sunshine?  Heck, no!  It means a wonderful assortment of game conventions, and the first one is Origins Game Fair!

Calliope Games will be out in full force at Origins!

Visit us at Booth 135 in the main hall!

We will have wonderful comfy demo tables set up, and will be running games all five days!  You can even try out our newest game, the delightful puzzler Wordoku, and maybe even get a sneak peek at some games due out in the coming months!

Beyond that, we will have other fun surprises and some incredible deals, so come visit booth 135!

We hope to see you out there!

-Team Calliope

Tsuro in Psychology Today

Hello everyone,

We wanted to share an interesting article about the benefits of playing board games with your teens. Psychotherapist Ugo Uch, posted on Psychology an article describing the difficulties parents can have teaching their teens on the Autism Spectrum how to develop emotional resiliency.  One of his teaching strategies in helping his clients is play therapy.  He discovered our board game, Tsuro, and quickly discovered what a great tool it was to teach teens about cause and effect without having to lecture them.  Ugo states, “The Tsuro board game has now become my personal favorite and I strongly recommend this game for parents who have received far too many complaints from their teens about being lectured.”

Tsuro: The Game of the PathTsuro: The Game of the Path
Create your own journey with award-winning Tsuro: The Game of the Path. Place a tile and slide your stone along the path created—but take care! Other players’ paths can lead you in the wrong direction or off the board entirely! Paths will cross and connect, and the choices you make affect all the journeys across the board.

Ages: 8+
Players: 2-8
Time: 20 minutes

To read the full article on Psychology Today.comclick here.

Happy New Year! Let’s Play Some Games!

Hi everyone!

First, we want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  2016 had its ups and downs, for sure, but looking ahead to 2017 — at least in the gaming world — it’s gonna be a wonderful ride!

We want to thank everyone who supported our Titan Series project; the first games from that line — Menu Masters, Hive Mind, and Running with the Bulls — are out in the world and people have been enjoying them, which is great to see!

Behind the scenes here at Calliope, we have been deep in development on the next wave of Titan Series games.  It’s been incredible to work with a seriously amazing group of designers, from as we develop the next wave of Titan designs.  Beyond that, we even have a couple of other surprise titles in the works, one of which we will be announcing very soon!

Anyway, we hope you are having a good start to the year! Game on!

-Team Calliope

Calliope’s Stocking Stuffer Guide

Hello, Calliopeers!

Happy holidays to everyone!  We hope that you are having a wonderful life, and that your Christmas shopping is going well.  We wanted to take a moment today to talk about one big part of Christmas shopping: the stocking stuffers!

Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to be about gifts that will go into a stocking.  Certainly, the games I’m going to talk about will fit that bill perfectly, but they can also be used as presents for teachers, co-workers, mail carriers…or as Secret Santa gifts, rewards for good behavior, prizes for reindeer games…or any other way you want to use them! The main thing is that they all share the same wonderful qualities:

People love getting them, and they don’t cost very much at all!

12 Days

12 Days

First up, let’s talk about the most fitting game in the Calliope Games library for this time of year!  Based on the classic Christmas carol, 12 Days (by Mike Selinker and James Ernest) is a delightfully easy-to-learn card game which finds players giving gifts and receiving gifts!  Pretty appropriate, eh?  The artwork on the cards was lovingly drawn by acclaimed artist Echo Chernik, and its stained-glass window motif is a joy for the eyes.

How many can play?  3-5 players

Who is this game for?  Fans of trick-taking card games like Hearts and Pinochle.  Also, for anyone who has Christmas spirit all year long.



For players who like some sneaky fun, Thieves! is the right choice!  In this card game, everyone plays as crooks who have just robbed a bank and must try to get away with the most loot! Play cards, avoid the police, and double-cross everyone else to win!  You’ll be laughing and bluffing all through each game, where you never know who’s going to win until the getaway car shows up!

How many can play?  3-6 players

Who is this game for? Players who like to grin mischievously and shout “Take THAT!” as they bust another player.

Roll For It!

It doesn’t get much simpler…or more fun…than Roll For It!  Roll dice, match the results to cards on the table, score points, and (hopefully) win!  This is a game that can introduced to anyone – kids, families, friends – with everyone engaged and having a blast right away!  We also designed it to be taken everywhere you go, so you can shake those dice wherever you are!

How many can play?  2-4 players per set (there are both red and purple sets, and if you get both, you can entertain up to 8 players!)

Who is this game for?  Folks who love to roll dice and smile a lot!


Finally, we have Ugh!, a crazy card game where you racing to collect sets of cavemen, their prehistoric pets, and their stone-age homes!  The great thing about this game, which was designed by a husband-and-wife team and features hilarious art by cartoonist John Kovalic, is that players get to choose when to press their luck, and when to push that risk off on other players!  Snag the cards you want, but watch out for the natural disasters that can pop up of you’ll be yelling “UGH!”

How many can play?  2-6 players

Who is this game for?  Players who like to take a chance and push their luck, and everyone who ever wanted a dinosaur for a pet!

So there you have it!  Four great titles, all ready for the holiday gift-giving extravaganza!  You can find all of these titles right here on our website.  Feel free to read the rules and learn more, and once you do you can order them right from us, or visit your friendly local game store to buy them!

Roll For It! is also available at Target and Walgreens stores nationwide!

Happy holidays from Calliope Games!


The Titans Unleashed

Greetings everyone!


Well, after years of conceptualization,  planning, scheming, begging, Kickstarting, testing, refining, drawing, sweating, writing, producing, and playing, the time has finally come…


We opened up the very new and very smooth Calliope Kickstarter Store to our backers earlier this month, allowing them the first chance to scoop up their long-awaited games.  Backer reaction to the games has been very positive, and our good friend Dr. Ken Franklin even went so far as to record some fun unboxing videos:

Menu Masters – by Zach & Jordan Weisman

Hive Mind – by Richard Garfield

Running With The Bulls – by Paul Peterson

Thanks to Ken for these!

For the rest of the world, we want to let you know that we are shipping out the games to distribution this week, so they should be available by week’s end from your Friendly Local Game Store!  Also, pre-ordered copies (from Gen Con and beyond) are going out this week, and we encourage all the folks who pre-ordered to shoot us an email ( to confirm your shipping address so we get your games to the right place!

Finally, we hope that all who play these amazing games will have a blast, and we want to spread the word!  We would like to humbly ask for fans of the Titan Series games to visit Board Game Geek, the biggest and best online resource for board game information, and talk about the games.  You can rate them and leave a little comment, or go WAY above and beyond and write a review or post images of your group playing.  Doing these things helps raise awareness of these games and how PERFECT they would be at all holiday and family gatherings in the very social coming weeks and months! 🙂  Here are the links to the games’ pages on BGG:

Running With the Bulls on BGG

Hive Mind on BGG

Menu Masters on BGG

Speaking of BGG, Chris and Zach from Calliope Games will be out in Dallas at BGG Con from Friday, November 18th to Sunday, November 20th.  Please hit us up on Twitter (@CalliopeGames) or Facebook if you are going to be there and would like to play some games — they will have Hive Mind, Running With The Bulls, and Menu Masters (co-designed by Zach!) — as well as prototype versions of future Titan Series games by Eric Lang, James Ernest, Mike Elliott, and Seth Johnson!  Meet up and play!

As always, we here at Calliope Games want to thank you for supporting us, and hope you have a great day!

Game on!!

Tsuro at PAX

Woah! This weekend was a whirlwind at PAX West. And a huge shout out to Uncle’s Games for letting us demo in their room and for allowing us to play Giant Tsuro!

Playing Roll For It! at the Uncle's Games room at PAX West

Playing Roll For It! at the Uncle’s Games room at PAX West

Speaking of Tsuro, we have recently placed a new order on Tsuro because it’s been doing so well! We have placed 2 separate orders of Tsuro to be shipped across the next couple of months. And out of the first order, we’ve already sold all of the 10,000 copies that are coming across the ocean! Holy cow!

While at PAX we had so much fun playing Giant Tsuro with everyone in attendance. For those that have never played Tsuro before, it was great to teach them on Giant Tsuro, and for those that have played Tsuro before, they had fun becoming the dragon!

Attendees playing Giant Tsuro at PAX West

Attendees playing Giant Tsuro at PAX West

With Giant Tsuro, instead of having a dragon pawn move across the board, you are the pawn and you move across the board and stay the path! We even got a couple games with 8 players which was insane to watch. Everyone had a great time playing and even enjoyed getting other players knocked off!

If you stopped by the Uncle’s Games booth and played a game with us or played Giant Tsuro with us at PAX West, we are so glad you did! Look for us at Grand Con this month.

Game and Food Pairings

Have you ever wondered what food you should pair with your Calliope Game? Well now we have the answer for you!

Double Double Dominoes

Game components of Double Double Dominoes

Game components of Double Double Dominoes

Players: 2-4

Play Time: 50 minutes

Food Pairing: Oreos

Reasoning: When playing Double Double Dominoes, it is best to pair the game with a package of Double Stuffed Oreos! This is an obvious choice because both dominoes and Oreos are black and white. You score double the points in the game, while you score double the filling in your stomach while eating Oreos. In Double Double Dominoes, there are many strategies to win – playing double dominoes to build a continuous chain, play on big numbers, etc. While eating Oreos, there are also different strategies – you can twist the cookies apart to eat the filling, eat the cookie as a whole, only eat the filling, etc. This classy pairing enhances the play of the game and makes it even more enjoyable. You can purchase Double Stuffed Oreos at any store near you. If you would like to purchase Double Double Dominoes, click here.



Game components of Tsuro

Game components of Tsuro

Players: 2-8

Play Time: 20 minutes

Food Pairing: Chow Mein

Reasoning: To go along with the Asian theme of Tsuro, we have paired the game with Chow Mein. This is a perfect match as you must create a continuous path in Tsuro. Chow Mein is perfect due to the noodles aspect and resembles the paths created in Tsuro. By combining the two for your game night, you can have a total Asian themed night. Make sure to be the last one to finish your food because you will be the last on the board making you the winner! If you would like to make your own Chow Mein, check out this recipe. If you would like to purchase Tsuro, click here.


Running with the Bulls

Components of Running With The Bulls

Components of Running With The Bulls

Players: 2-6

Play Time: 40-60 minutes

Food Pairing: Sliders

Reasoning: What a better way to show those rascally bulls who’s boss by eating a beef slider! These sliders are the perfect size for any game night especially when playing Running with the Bulls. In the game, there are smaller dice which represent the runners for each player trying to get to their destination. For your meal, the sliders are the runners trying to get to their final destination as well – your stomach! What better way to spend time with friends than to eat some sliders and play Running with the Bulls! To make your own sliders, click this link. Running with the Bulls is currently not on sale, but will be available for purchase at your FLGS soon!



Game components of Ugh!

Game components of Ugh!

Players: 2-6

Play Time: 20 minutes

Food Pairing: Turkey Leg

Reasoning: When you think of Ugh! you think of cavemen. And what did cavemen eat? Turkey legs of course… well it might not have been turkey legs, but it’s close enough! These turkey legs are similar to the clubs that cavemen would carry as a weapon. Your game night will be stepped up to the next level with these turkey legs as it’s companion. You can make these copycat Disney turkey legs from this recipe. If you want to play Ugh! and purchase your own copy, you can do so here!


12 Days

Game components of 12 Days

Game components of 12 Days

Players: 3-5

Play Time: 15 minutes

Food Pairing: Cookies and Milk

Reasoning: It’s close to the holiday season and when Santa comes, we’ll be greeting him with milk and cookie shots. Santa Claus can enjoy his milk and cookies all in the same bite!  With these milk and cookie shots, you can work it perfectly into your game of 12 Days. Win some day cards and eat some milk and cookies! You can learn how to make these cookie shot glasses filled with milk here. And you can purchase 12 Days here!


Menu Masters

Game components of Menu Masters

Game components of Menu Masters

Players: 2-5

Play Time: 20-40 minutes

Food Pairing: Ratatouille

Reasoning: Have you ever wanted to be a Menu Master? You can you’re your friends that you are a Menu Master by cooking up some ratatouille and playing the game Menu Masters! By whipping up this recipe, you will impress everyone at your game night. It’s also possible to impress everyone by winning at the game – who doesn’t love to win? Use this ratatouille recipe to have a fancy Menu Master Party! Menu Masters the game will be on the store shelves soon, so keep an eye out!


Tsuro of the Seas

Game components of Tsuro of the Seas

Game components of Tsuro of the Seas

Players: 2-8

Play Time: 20-40 minutes

Food Pairing: Asian Steamed Fish

Reasoning: Tsuro of the Seas is the second version of Tsuro. In this edition, players are ships sailing around the seas trying to be the last one standing and escaping the wrath of the daikaiju. This Asian inspired game deserves some Asian inspired food pairing. Which is why we have picked out an Asian steamed fish! Pairing both the meal and the game together allows for a wonderful Asian themed night. Make this awesome recipe found here. Purchase Tsuro of the Seas from our website here.


Roll For It!  

Game components of Roll For It!

Game components of Roll For It!

Game components of Roll For It! Deluxe

Game components of Roll For It! Deluxe

Players: 2-4*

*2-8 with red and purple versions combined, or if playing with deluxe version

Play Time: 20 minutes

Food Pairing: Sandwich

Reasoning: What some of you might not know is that Calliope Games loves traveling to Chicago for one particular restaurant. We all love Italian Beef from Portillo’s! One of our best travelling games is Roll For It! and it’s perfect when going to Chicago and Portillo’s. The pairing works perfectly because you don’t need much space or cleanliness to play Roll For It! or when eating Portillo’s Italian Beef. Make sure you get your copy of Roll For It! Red and Purple here, along with your copy of Roll For It! Deluxe here. And next time you’re in the Chicago area, stop by Portillo’s and get yourself an Italian Beef.



Game components of Thieves!

Game components of Thieves!

Players: 3-6

Play Time: 15-20 minutes

Food Pairing: Chocolate Coins

Reasoning: Thieves! is a great game about robbing a bank and escaping from the police with the most loot! And what do you think of when you think of loot – gold coins obviously! With these gold coins, you can play the game of Thieves! in rounds. So instead of using the jewels that come with the game, you can use homemade gold coins. What makes it even better, is that you can eat them afterwards because they are made out of chocolate. Use this recipe to make your own chocolate coins and purchase your copy of Thieves! here.


Hive Mind

Game components of Hive Mind

Game components of Hive Mind

Players: 3-12

Play Time: 30-90 minutes

Food Pairing: Honey

Reasoning: The only way to please the Queen Bee is to make her think that you think alike with your other bee mates! But bribing her with some honey sticks might help out as well! Make some homemade honey sticks for you and your friends to eat while playing Hive Mind. Answer the Queen’s questions and get as many points as you can to stay in the hive. But might as well enjoy some honey sticks while you’re answering questions. Learn how to make some honey sticks here! Keep an eye out for Hive Mind on FLGS shelves within the next few months.


Got ‘Em

Game components of Got 'Em

Game components of Got ‘Em

Players: 2-4

Play Time: 30 minutes

Food Pairing: Lollipop

Reasoning: Got ‘Em has the classic 50’s pop art feel. So why not support this pop artwork with lollipops! Got ‘Em is a great game that you can play with anyone! The game comes in both a bright and brainy version for those who desire different ways to challenge themselves. Lollipops are the best option to pair with this game. You can even make your own lollipops using this recipe. Purchase your own copy of Got ‘Em here.


Got ‘Em!

While at Gen Con, our first print run of Got ‘Em sold out! This was a great achievement for the whole team and especially for game designer, Zach Weisman, who was at Gen Con with the Calliope Games team.


As this we are looking into the future for making a new print, we will also be updating the artwork! The box cover and card art will be getting a fresh new feel! The changes being made to the cards is also great because it allows the cards to be more universal. No more text, but instead, images of what your actions are.


Our plan is to have the next print run available in 2017. So keep an eye out for stores to be carrying this new version of Got ‘Em!

Which Roll For It! is Right For You?

Beginning August 1st, 2016, Target now carries our hit game Roll For It! in red and purple versions.  We are thrilled to bring the game to a new audience, and to do so in a budget-minded package.  The Target version has a newly designed box that allows shoppers to view the contents of the game. It includes brightly colored opaque dice, 30 playing cards, and a drawstring bag to store everything in for travel. The game is more affordable and portable than ever!

RFI Mass

While this new value edition of Roll For It! is exclusive to Target stores, the original standard editions, as well as the Deluxe Edition, are still available at your local specialty toy and game stores, where the game has already proven to be a hit with gamers and non-gamers alike!

Our goal with releasing Roll For It! in Target was to broaden the reach of the game and appeal to those who don’t have access to a local game store or who aren’t your typical gamers. We wanted to make this game accessible to families who might not normally shop at a game store, but who we think would still really enjoy the game!

You may be asking yourself, “Which version of Roll For It! is right for me?” Well, we have put together this handy guide to the different versions, so you can be sure!

Roll For It! – Target Edition (available in red and purple set)

RFI Mass Version

Who Is It For?

This value version of the game is for budget-minded families and those who are looking to own a quick and fun game they will play again and again.  With a retail price of only $12, this version of Roll For It! is the perfect balance of affordability and playability!

What Do I Get?

A disposable box, 30 standard cards, 24 colorful basic dice, a drawstring travel bag top hold all the components, and a full-color rulebook.  Each red and purple set comes with everything you need to play with 2-4 players, or you can purchase and combine both sets for playing with up to 8 players!

Where Can I Buy It?

This amazing $12 game is available on shelves at Target stores nationwide.

Roll For It! – Standard Edition (available in red and purple set)


Who Is It For?

This version of the game is intended for gamers and folks who want a great game to play over and over.  The dice in this edition are fancy and eye-catching, the cards are high quality, and the box that it comes in is meant to last a long time.  This is the classic Roll For It! that people have come to recognize and love.

What Do I Get?

A rigid two-piece box that can be used as a dice tray for playing on-the-go, 30 water-resistant cards, 24 beautiful translucent or marbled dice, and a full-color rulebook.  Each red and purple set comes with everything you need to play with 2-4 players, or you can purchase and combine both sets for playing with up to 8 players!

Where Can I Buy It?

The Standard Editions of Roll For It! are available at fine specialty toy and game stores all over the world with an MSRP of $15 each!

Roll For It! – Deluxe Edition


Who Is It For?

This is the definitive and ultimate version of the game, meant for gamers and players who want to behold a thing of beauty as they have a great time!  From the artwork to the flocked tin, the Deluxe Edition of Roll For It! is meant to inspire people as they play!

What Do I Get?

A golden tin featuring Calliope’s trademark artwork, which is flocked inside so it can be used as a quiet dice tray anywhere you go!  60 gorgeous cards, 48 top-quality translucent and marbled dice, an embroidered cloth bag to store any components you aren’t using, and a full-color rulebook.  The Deluxe Edition comes complete with all the cards and dice you need to play the game 2-8 players.

Where Can I Buy It?

The Deluxe Edition of Roll For It! is available at fine specialty toy and game stores all over the world with an MSRP of $38!

No matter the version that’s right for you, we want to thank you for playing Roll For It! and hope that you’ll be rolling, matching, and scoring for years to come!