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The September Newsletter of Awesomeness is out!

The summer is winding down and we are moving inexorably towards fall.

But have no fear!  Fall means “New Games!”  The Mansky Caper is on a boat and heading towards our warehouse and your game table.  Learn more in our latest Newsletter of Awesomeness by clicking The Mansky Caper box below.

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We also have a game giveaway for September going on as well.  Win a copy of Running With The Bulls by entering the Rafflecopter contest now!  You can read about it in the newsletter or go directly to enter by clicking the pic below.

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Saying Goodbye to Gen Con; Saying Hello to PAX Unplugged

Thank you to everyone that stopped by the Calliope Games Booth at Gen Con 2018. We loved meeting with you and showing you a new game or two. Gen Con, Origins Game Fair, and PAX Unplugged are the three big chances we have to spend some time with our friends and we appreciate your willingness to spend some of your time with us. Here are some fun pics from this year’s Gen Con!

Just some of the funtastic Team Calliope!

Rob Daviau demos ShipShape, an upcoming Titan Series title.

Seth Johnson demos SpyMaster, an upcoming Titan Series title.

Big Al Mansky stops by and has a “Funky” time!

Players mastering menus in Menu Masters.

Stealing from the rich and giving to ourselves in Thieves!

Demoing Hive Mind, a honey of a game!

A busy day in the Calliope Games booth. Wish you were here!


Calliope Games will be at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, PA November 30-December 2, 2018. Why not make plans to join us?

See you there!

“Brace” Yourselves! The Ducks are Invading Calliope Games Booth 1901 at Gen Con 2018!

Calliope Games is terrified to announce that the ducks have plans to invade the Calliope Games Booth at Gen Con Indy 2018.  Gen Con, “The Best Four Days of Gaming,” takes place at the Indiana Convention Center (100 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225) on August 2-5, 2018.

Nearly every Calliope title has been taken over by these fowl rubber menaces.

Visitors to Calliope Games Booth 1901 will be subjected to such games as Quackcestree, by Eric M(allard) Lang, Double, Double Duckminoes, by Seth Johnson and Jordan Weisman, 12 Ducks, by James Ernest and Mike Selinker, and Wor-DUCK-u, by Boyan Radakovich.

While supplies last, anyone who demos a “duckified” game will receive a complimentary rubber duck.  Collect enough ducks and you will receive a Mystical Unicorn Duck!

Fans of rubber ducks, awesome games, and FUN will have an amazing time when they flock to Calliope Games Booth 1901 (where the ducks are the only fowl thing) at Gen Con Indy 2018.  We hope to see you there!

The Mansky Caper Is An Offer You Can’t De-Fuse!

The Mansky Caper Is An Offer You Can’t De-Fuse!

Explosive New Tabletop Game Releasing Q3 2018

Redmond, WA – May 15, 2018: Calliope Games announces that The Mansky Caper will release in Q3 of 2018.  This Prohibition-era heist game, designed by Ken Franklin, offers a thrilling, press-your-luck adventure that is easy to teach and plays in under an hour.  Featuring immersive art, pre-built three-dimensional components, and amazingly interactive game play, The Mansky Caper will blow you away! Each game of The Mansky Caper is an exciting heist for 2 – 6 players 8+ years old which plays in less than an hour.

It’s 1925. You and your Family of Associates have been trying to get respect for years. But the richest mobster in the country, Al Mansky, has been cramping your style. Al’s a bit eccentric; he doesn’t trust the cops or banks, so all his loot is in his mansion, guarded by a diabolical security system of explosive traps. The good news is that he’s out of town.

It would be a shame if something happened to all that loot, but a Family (working together) that bested Al would make quite a name for itself. Of course, the most fame – and (dare we say) leadership of the Family – goes to the person who walks away from the job with the most loot.

Your colleagues may not agree with you – but you all owe each other favors. Calling in the right favor at the right time is what leadership is all about in this business. The key is to work together to help yourself – and don’t get blown up!

The Manksy Caper features captivating artwork by Matt Franklin in its a premium presentation, which also includes five 3D cardboard safes from which to draw loot tokens, shiny plastic gems, drawstring cloth stash bags, a fully illustrated comic book which doubles as the rulebook, and hundreds of colorful tokens and markers.  Even with components of the highest quality, The Manksy Caper remains incredibly affordable at an anticipated price of $40.

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About Calliope Games

Calliope Games publishes family-friendly tabletop games, including Tsuro and Roll For It!  All Calliope titles are carefully crafted so kids and adults can play on equal footing. Most are playable in 60 minutes or less, designed for 2-8 players, and affordable. Most importantly, Calliope Games are fun for all players!

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