The Titans Unleashed

Greetings everyone!


Well, after years of conceptualization,  planning, scheming, begging, Kickstarting, testing, refining, drawing, sweating, writing, producing, and playing, the time has finally come…


We opened up the very new and very smooth Calliope Kickstarter Store to our backers earlier this month, allowing them the first chance to scoop up their long-awaited games.  Backer reaction to the games has been very positive, and our good friend Dr. Ken Franklin even went so far as to record some fun unboxing videos:

Menu Masters – by Zach & Jordan Weisman

Hive Mind – by Richard Garfield

Running With The Bulls – by Paul Peterson

Thanks to Ken for these!

For the rest of the world, we want to let you know that we are shipping out the games to distribution this week, so they should be available by week’s end from your Friendly Local Game Store!  Also, pre-ordered copies (from Gen Con and beyond) are going out this week, and we encourage all the folks who pre-ordered to shoot us an email ( to confirm your shipping address so we get your games to the right place!

Finally, we hope that all who play these amazing games will have a blast, and we want to spread the word!  We would like to humbly ask for fans of the Titan Series games to visit Board Game Geek, the biggest and best online resource for board game information, and talk about the games.  You can rate them and leave a little comment, or go WAY above and beyond and write a review or post images of your group playing.  Doing these things helps raise awareness of these games and how PERFECT they would be at all holiday and family gatherings in the very social coming weeks and months! 🙂  Here are the links to the games’ pages on BGG:

Running With the Bulls on BGG

Hive Mind on BGG

Menu Masters on BGG

Speaking of BGG, Chris and Zach from Calliope Games will be out in Dallas at BGG Con from Friday, November 18th to Sunday, November 20th.  Please hit us up on Twitter (@CalliopeGames) or Facebook if you are going to be there and would like to play some games — they will have Hive Mind, Running With The Bulls, and Menu Masters (co-designed by Zach!) — as well as prototype versions of future Titan Series games by Eric Lang, James Ernest, Mike Elliott, and Seth Johnson!  Meet up and play!

As always, we here at Calliope Games want to thank you for supporting us, and hope you have a great day!

Game on!!

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