Tsuro at PAX

Woah! This weekend was a whirlwind at PAX West. And a huge shout out to Uncle’s Games for letting us demo in their room and for allowing us to play Giant Tsuro!

Playing Roll For It! at the Uncle's Games room at PAX West

Playing Roll For It! at the Uncle’s Games room at PAX West

Speaking of Tsuro, we have recently placed a new order on Tsuro because it’s been doing so well! We have placed 2 separate orders of Tsuro to be shipped across the next couple of months. And out of the first order, we’ve already sold all of the 10,000 copies that are coming across the ocean! Holy cow!

While at PAX we had so much fun playing Giant Tsuro with everyone in attendance. For those that have never played Tsuro before, it was great to teach them on Giant Tsuro, and for those that have played Tsuro before, they had fun becoming the dragon!

Attendees playing Giant Tsuro at PAX West

Attendees playing Giant Tsuro at PAX West

With Giant Tsuro, instead of having a dragon pawn move across the board, you are the pawn and you move across the board and stay the path! We even got a couple games with 8 players which was insane to watch. Everyone had a great time playing and even enjoyed getting other players knocked off!

If you stopped by the Uncle’s Games booth and played a game with us or played Giant Tsuro with us at PAX West, we are so glad you did! Look for us at Grand Con this month.

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