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The team is headed to Gen Con next week – can you believe it’s only a week away!? Holy moly it snuck up on us. While we’ve been planning for Gen Con, we’ve also been chugging away at the first round of Titan Series games! The whole team has been reading through proofs of rules, game descriptions and checking every little detail to make sure everything is perfect!

The games are making progress over at the factory and we can’t wait for everyone to see how well things are going! Due to a few setbacks, our plan is to have Hive Mind by Richard Garfield, Running with the Bulls by Paul Peterson, and Menu Masters by Zach and Jordan Weisman to the Kickstarter backers by late August/early September and will be in the stores shortly after.  Here is a first sneak peak preview of our prototyped first player pawn for Menu Masters!

Prototype of first player pawn from Menu Masters by Zach and Jordan Weisman

Prototype of first player pawn from Menu Masters by Zach and Jordan Weisman

If you’re headed to Gen Con next week, be sure to keep an eye out for our spectacular show specials! With these deals, we want you to stock up your shelf to have the best collection out of everyone (and to take the best shelfie) so that all of your friends will be jealous! Attendees who pre-order a Titan Series game can get 30% off their purchase at the booth, and to top it all off, they will get an additional 20% off coupon code to use on the Calliope Games website! We also have a 2 for $20 where you can get both 12 Days and Thieves! and a 5 for $50 deal for 12 Days, Thieves!, Roll For It! Red, Roll For It! Purple, and Ugh! If this isn’t a steal, I don’t know what is! Come to booth #1901 to get the best deals ever.

For those who stop by the booth #1901 and demo or play any of the Calliope Games titles, they will receive a button that corresponds with that game. We will have one for each of our titles and if attendees collect all 11, they can get a special edition Titan Series lapel pin! We are so excited about our inaugural button program that we have decided to share with you all of the buttons AND the pin! Think of it like Pokemon GO…you gotta catch ’em all…or in this case collect them all!


Stay tuned for more awesome Calliope updates!

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