Featuring Friendly Local Game Stores!

Greetings, and happy New Year!

2016 is going to be a big year for Calliope. We’re releasing a record number of titles by fulfilling the first round of the Titan Series. New game submissions come in almost daily. Secret projects that have been in the works for years will come to fruition. We’ll even attend more trade shows and conventions than in previous years. While we’ve expanded our company to handle the extra work, we’re still going to be crazy busy.

That said, we want to take more time to appreciate the folks who spread the joy of tabletop at the grassroots level: the friendly local game stores. It’s true that online retailers sometimes offer better prices. But friendly local game stores have things online retailers will never have. People. Events. Atmosphere. Community. These are the things you’re supporting when you spend the extra few dollars at your FLGS, and these are the things that keep our hobby going.

So this year, we’d like you to tell us about your favorite friendly local game stores. Why do you love them? Why you choose to support them? What makes them special, and what’s your favorite memory of your FLGS?

We’ll periodically pick a FLGS to feature, and bring you pictures, interviews, anecdotes, and more. Let’s get to know our community a little better.

Tell us about your FLGS; email cassidy (at) CalliopeGames (dot) com!

2 thoughts on “Featuring Friendly Local Game Stores!

  1. Danny

    Space Cadets Collection Collection in Spring, TX is more than just a game store for me and my family, it’s a community of friends, and a safe, welcoming place for families! Brian McMeans is their games manager, and has been a superhero of gaming, organizing all kinds of leagues, demos, and a weekly family game night. And since you’re Calliope Games, it’s worth mentioning that he’s planning a game of human-scale Tsuro in March!

  2. Richard Grissett

    I wanted to say my family and I have purchased Tsuro of the Seas, Tsuro the game of the path, Roll for it deluxe and it all started with 12 Days. Your games are absolutely beautiful. My wife enjoys the fantastic varieties of dice colors and pips while I too enjoy that but I love the attention to detail from the box art down to the details on the ships in Tsuro. We are a family of 7 (4girls 2-13 and 1boy 7) and we all enjoy your games. I think everyone has their favorite haha. Once again thank you for all the time, dedication and love you put into your games and my family and I are looking for your next new releases!


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