The True Meaning of Christmas

This past weekend, our friends Echo and Lazarus arranged to host over 100 children at their home. Each child was given a gift, a hot drink, and cookies or cupcakes. They played games, colored some of Echo’s artwork, and made ornaments. Best of all, they received a visit from Mr. Claus himself!

Echo and Laz truly embody the Christmas spirit. They opened their home to strangers and provided a warm, welcoming place for people to come together and share the magic of the season. In a time when some seek to divide us over political or religious differences, Echo and Laz remind us to suspend judgment, look past our differences, and to love and treat our neighbors as family.

Thank you, Echo and Laz, for making the season that much brighter.

Santa Claus sits in a large upholstered chair surrounded by gifts and greenery.


Echo Chernik is the fabulous artist who created the Calliope artwork you see on our website, and Lazarus Chernik has contributed his graphic design skills to many Calliope projects. You can see more of their work on their respective websites.

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