Send all the things to print!

Before there are games, there are print files.

And editing.

And more print files.

And more editing.

Pages printed with game cards and rules are splayed below a keyboard.

Look! A print file in its natural habitat.

Files are read dozens of times to make sure the rules make sense and are properly formatted. Printouts with the die lines included are folded so we don’t wind up with upside-down box sides. Card counts are checked, art is tweaked, and desks are covered with version upon version of the same game to make sure everything looks a-okay.

This week, we’ve been hard at work finalizing the files for Thieves!, our upcoming burglary-themed card game, and another secret game we won’t be announcing until later this year. (Insert mysterious music here.) The files will be sent out to the factory later this evening and we’ll see the finished game three months from now.

“Why, Calliope,” you might say .”That’s just in time for the holidays! Is this a hint as to what the mystery game might be?”

You’re absolutely right, theoretical friend! You’re also welcome to guess what the game is, and while we will acknowledge your guesses with a polite smile, we will neither confirm nor deny anything until November 1st.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll celebrate our victory over the print files with us, and join us as we eagerly await the arrival of not just one but two delightful new additions to the Calliope line.

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