(T)Roll For It! Appears on TableTop!

Here at Calliope, we’re not typically pro-troll. They’re mean, they smell bad, and they can make crossing bridges a royal pain. But the folks at TableTop shatter those stereotypes in a spirited game of Roll For It! with a delightfully trollish twist.Can Wil Wheaton actually win a dice game? Will Jason Ritter be able to follow in the footsteps of his role model, the Tortoise? Find out as Wil, Jason, Jennifer Hale, and John Ross Bowie play the most ruthless game of Roll For It! we’ve seen to date.

Contains trolling, adult language, vengeful moments of violence, and sad moments for Jason.

Want Roll For It! but can’t find it at a friendly local game store near you? You can order directly from us at CalliopeGames.com.

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