Announcing Thieves!

You and your band of thieves are about to pull off the biggest heist of the century! The safes have been cracked and ransacked, but the alarms are wailing and everyone is in a scramble! The cops are hot on your trail, throwing up road blocks, eager to bust you with the loot—can  you give them the slip and hold on to the lion’s share of the score? Or will your partners in crime double-cross you? Find out in this mad dash who is the craftiest of Thieves!

Coming soon to a friendly local game story near you! Demo Thieves! at Gen Con 2015!

Thieves! box featuring two masked black-clad figure carrying bags of loot down an alley away from the police.

One thought on “Announcing Thieves!

  1. Richard de Rijk

    Hi folks, I wish you all good fun at GenCon! Can’t wait to see some pictures.
    Greetings, Richard


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