The Titan Series has met its funding goal of $135,000! Whoo!

A shiny golden meeple Atlas holding up an equally shiny golden die.

Now that the funding goal has been met, it’s to stretch goals, which unlock games by even more renowned designers. We’re already well on our way to the first stretch goal, a game by James Ernest–founder of Cheapass Games and designer of hits such as Kill Doctor Lucky and Lords of Vegas. James already has a great start on his Titan Series game, and we’re excited to see it fund!

Matt Forbeck (Marvel Heroes Battle Dice), Peggy Brown (Buzzword), and a mystery designer from Europe are all lined up as further stretch goals.

Don’t remember all the awesome things you can get by pledging to the Titan Series? Here’s a refresher! The Titan Series offers:

  • A discount of nearly 50% off the target retail price of the entire Titan Series line;
  • The chance to be involved in the game creation process;
  • Backer-exclusive box art by epically talented artists like Echo Chernik and Larry Elmore;
  • An online seminar introducing the basics of game design as presented by five Titan designers.

Be a part of gaming history; back the Titan Series by May 30!

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