Asteroid Escape

International TableTop Day. A mysterious photo surfaces on Twitter and quickly works its way onto other networks.

Asteroid EscapeCries of “WANT” and “Shut up and take my money!” shake Calliope’s social media accounts. “What is this mysterious game, and how can we get it?”

The game pictured is Asteroid Escape. It’s Tsuro of the Seas with a Star Wars skin: daikaiju become asteroids, and ships are spaceships. A small number of copies were printed for the French market back in 2010.

Asteroid Escape is now out of print. Unfortunately, we do not hold the necessary licenses to print more or bring the game to the US.

Right now, we have an extremely limited number copies of Asteroid Escape in stock. How limited? About 20. While we won’t be selling them, we may bring one out on special occasions to give away.

Like now. Join Calliope’s Thunderclap to help spread the word about the Titan Series, and you could win a copy of Asteroid Escape.

We’ll pick a winner on April 16. Good luck!

5 thoughts on “Asteroid Escape

  1. Laura Martin

    I recognize that room! That’s The Wandering Dragon Game Shoppe in Plainfield, IL!!! Hey Chris Leder, sorry TTD kept us too busy to talk. Hope you had fun hanging out here. Take care!

  2. Dennis Sherier

    I’ve just come across the Star Wars – Asteroid Escape game. I see that it is available on Amazon for like $87 + $6 for shipping (June 2015) . Would you happen to know where I could get a copy for a little less cost?

    Along these same lines, I have a copy of Star Wars version of Ravensburger Labyrinth out of Germany, very enjoyable game.

    1. Cassidy Werner Post author

      Hello Dennis! We were contracted by Abyss to produce the game, but we are not selling Asteroid Escape. As far as I know, it’s licensed to Abyss for sale in France.

      1. Dennis

        ‘Liscenced in Franc’. I guess that’s why it is so expensive here in the U.S. Thanks.


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