Announcing Tsuro soap!

You’ve all played Tsuro: The Game of the Path, a tabletop game in which players become a dragon and find their way forward on a winding path. Now, Tsuro players can take their experience to the next level. Not only can roar like a dragon and flap your arms like leathery wings; you can smell like a dragon too!

Inspired by a brilliant review from Board Games Weekly, we’ve patterned with fine soap maker Bubble Girl Soap to produce beautifully crafted bars reminiscent of the dragon pawns used in Tsuro. Each strongly scented bar is worthy of its draconic inspiration, and will imbue not only its scent but a portion of the dragon’s power to its user. We plan to use this power to fuel our latest Kickstarter, the Titan Series.

A green Tsuro pawn with a dragon embossed on it next to a green bar of soap with a similar dragon inlaid in the bar.

You can win a full set of Tsuro soap! Just comment on this blog post with your idea for a PG-rated, dragon-themed scent by April 7 at 11:59 PM PST.

[UPDATE] Congratulations Mr. Taylor, who won with Simply Scaly!

15 thoughts on “Announcing Tsuro soap!

  1. Trent

    Wow – now that’s a clever use of a game playing piece design.
    We love the Tsuro playing pieces, but had never thought of an idea like this.

    If you could get a “new car smell” scented dragon soap, that would be pretty cool.

  2. Jason Delgado

    How about “Just brushed-teeth dragon breath” scent (would be very minty) or “Dragon fire-breath brew” (would smell like a fresh cup of Joe, maybe even be caffeinated like some soaps I’ve seen before). 😀

  3. Kristan @ Munchkin and Bean

    So I’m going to have to go with black licorice for the black dragon. Black licorice either smells wonderful to you or you want to run from it. It’s a wonderful defensive mechanism. And my favorite scent. 🙂

    And because thinking of one scent made me think of one for the others…
    Blue – blue sage
    Yellow – honey lemon
    Orange – blood orange
    Green – rosemary mint
    Grey – vetiver and cedar
    Red – cinnamon

    Creating dragon soaps is an awesome idea!

  4. Curtis

    I would exclusively use Tsuro Soap! Especially if they came in Sunken Ship Sea Salt or No Survivor Apple Beer!

  5. Aaron

    Well the possibilities are endless! Green “Green Tea” Dragon! Purple “Lavender” Dragon! Other “Etc” Dragons!

  6. fushigifox

    how about a “Passionate Dragon Fruit” scent with a combination of passion fruit and dragon fruit . . . but with Tsuro being based on Japan, why not have a green tea soap? green tea has so many wonderful properties and smells good too. OR!!! A green tea lotus soap (I absolutely love lotus tea, the green tea leaves are stuffed into lotus blooms and pick up the scent of the lotus. . really heavenly!!)

  7. fushigifox

    oops. I see someone else has mentioned green tea right before, my apologies for not reading through first. Isn’t there a Dragon Blood scent in oils? not sure what the mixture is but that would be an idea.

  8. Corbi

    Dragon soap? Pretty sure it should be Crispy Knight or Distressed Damsel scented! Maybe the Wyvern Wash or the Serpentine Scrub?

  9. Rammy Meyerowitz

    I’ve been thinking about this for a few days, but sorry, i came up empty.

  10. Cassidy Werner Post author

    We haven’t chosen a winner yet because we’re torn between Simply Scaly and Crispy Knight! TO THE INTERNET.


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