All your dice are belong to us.

You know the story about the jar of dice at the end of the rainbow, right? Good! We found one. If you can guess the number of dice in the jar, we’ll send you the dice that escaped*, plus a shiny, one-of-a-kind surprise.**

*Coincidentally, 48 dice escaped, and that’s just enough to support eight players in Roll For It!
**Technically, four exist.

A box of Roll For It!, a jar of dice, and eight sets of six dice.

UPDATE! There were 215 dice in the jar. Congratulations to Billy Tillman, who wins with a guess of 217–only two off from the actual number!

31 thoughts on “All your dice are belong to us.

  1. Jennifer Argabright

    OMG – 48 dice escaped!! I believe that 112 are living in the jar – please free them as soon as possible!

  2. Billy Tillman

    That looks to be a standard 217 dice jar to me. If only the leprechauns of the Land of Rolling would move up to the 265 dice jar, a lot fewer of those dice would escape. I hear that their Leder is a little stubborn though. 😉

    1. Cassidy Werner Post author

      I’m so distressed that WordPress doesn’t have a “like” button. Like!

  3. Brad

    tried getting all scientific with this and using the game box to the jar as scale then determining dice mass in the jar but it didn’t work out….. going with simple counting of the showing face then assuming similar density on the back side and a core of similar density…..I will go with 162 dice.

  4. Shawn

    I’m going to say there are 299 dice in there..but my math skills say it’s much higher like 520 or some where like that..but lets go with 299 for now.

  5. Chad Witemeyer

    I have really enjoyed Tsuro and I really like Roll for it! even though I just learned about it 2 days ago. My guess is 252.


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