Titan Series Rescheduled

A project of this scope and originality brings with it a vast number of moving parts. We want to be sure we launch when everything is as ready as possible. We’re excited to make the Titan Series the best Kickstarter it can be.

We’ll continue to bring you new interviews and information leading up to the launch; join us tomorrow for a word from Richard Garfield and a preview of his Titan Series game!

Thanks for your support!

3 thoughts on “Titan Series Rescheduled

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  2. Steve Hart

    Hello Cassidy,
    I have subscribed to the newsletter but I was wondering if you have any general idea when this campaign will start? Are you thinking in a month or summer?


    1. Cassidy Werner Post author

      Hello Steve! We hope to launch this month–we’re sending a Kickstarter preview link out to our newsletter subscribers for feedback soon. 🙂


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