Meet the Titans: Richard Garfield

“The games one describes as ‘gateway’ games are probably my favorite area of games…When people say ‘gateway’ and ‘filler’ games, oftentimes those terms don’t carry the depth of the love I have for that category and I think it underestimates their potential.”

Meet the elite team members behind the Titan Series, a line of family-friendly gateway games crafted by some of the best game designers in the world. Here’s Ray’s interview with Magic: The Gathering, King of Tokyo, and Netrunner designer Richard Garfield.

2 thoughts on “Meet the Titans: Richard Garfield

  1. rohloffc

    So you’ve got me! is “hive mind” the name of the new game Richard has designed for you guys? or is that already out? Cause I am interested.

    1. Cassidy Werner Post author

      Hive Mind is the name of the game. 😀 It will be Richard’s game for the Titan Series Kickstarter.


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