Jack-O’-Lantern Winner!

Thanks to all of you who entered our contest! We loved seeing your work, and learned that some of our fans have mad pumpkin-carving skills. Who knew?

Here’s the winner of the contest–an adorable Takenoko panda lantern:

Takenoko Panda Pumpkin

We were impressed by both the level of cute achieved by a mere pumpkin and the care it must have taken to carve the panda’s head. Had we attempted this, we would have wound up with a large round hole next to some bamboo. In case this lantern is too adorable for you, here’s a pumpkin carving inspired by Last Night on Earth:Last Night on Earth PumpkinThanks again for participating!

Have an idea for a contest you’d like Calliope to host? Feel free to email us at Cassidy (at) CalliopeGames (dot) com with your requests!


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