Toni Darling to join Calliope at Gen Con 2014!

Toni Darling as Lady ThorCelebrity cosplayer Toni Darling will be joining us at Gen Con! An accomplished costumer, Toni has amassed a following of over 200,000 loyal fans. Her previous works include exquisite incarnations of Sailor Moon, Black Canary, and Lady Thor, the last of which you may recognize if you’ve been on Facebook recently. Toni herself enjoys really girly vampire drama anime, comic books, and kickboxing. 

Toni will be appearing as the iconic Gen Con archer at the Very Important Gamer (VIG) Mix and Mingle on Thursday evening. She’ll also be at the VIG Lounge on Thursday from 10:30 AM-11:30 AM and Sunday from 10:30 AM-11:30 AM. Come by to say hello, admire Toni’s handiwork, and have your limited edition Gen Con Roll For It! tin signed.

If you’re not in the VIG program, you can still visit Toni at our booth on Sunday at 12:00 PM, where she’ll be appearing as Calliope to make a special announcement about our holiday season release. We’ll see you there!

PS- If you won’t be at Gen Con at all, don’t worry–we’ll be posting updates from the show.


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