Roll For It! Deluxe

When we announced the Gen Con edition of Roll For It!, we were thrilled at the response. But for every squee of delight and exclamation of joy, there was an anguished cry of “BUT I’M NOT GOING TO GEN CON. WHY DO YOU HATE ME?!”.

We don’t hate you. We know not all of you made it to Gen Con (though we were impressed by one man’s efforts to recreate the experience at home). Please accept this virtual hug as a token of our apology.

Not enough? Okay. How about we announce the Roll For It! Deluxe edition? Similar to the Gen Con edition, Roll For It! Deluxe features a flocked tin, 48 dice, 60 cards, and a crushed velvet embroidered dice bag. Rather than the Gen Con characters, though, this version features Calliope’s iconic artwork, done by celebrated artist Echo Chernick. More pictures to come, but here’s a picture of my own beautiful copy.

Roll For It! Deluxe Edition

This version will hit retail stores in late November, just in time for the holidays, and will be available to everyone! You’ll also be able to pick it up at PAX Prime in Uncle’s Games Room 201. MSRP $38.

4 thoughts on “Roll For It! Deluxe

  1. Patrick Miles

    This will be the version of this game that I pick up.
    The artwork and imagery is awesome.

  2. Tyler

    Is this just Red and Purple together with fancier components, or are do the cards feature new roll requirements?

    1. Cassidy Werner Post author

      Hello Tyler! The Deluxe version has the same roll requirements and rules as the Red and Purple editions. 🙂


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