Announcing the Titan Series

We are thrilled to announce the Titan Series, a line of family-friendly games by some of the best game designers in the world including: Rob Daviau, Michael Elliott, James Ernest, Matt Forbeck, Richard Garfield, Seth Johnson, Eric Lang, Mike Mulvihill, Paul Peterson, Mike Selinker, and Zach and Jordan Weisman.

These designers are legends with the gaming industry, and are responsible for such widely popular games as Magic: The Gathering, Shadowrun, King of Tokyo, Mechwarrior, HeroClix, Marvel Dice Masters, Quarriors, and many more. Now, they will turn their talents from heavier in-depth games crafted for the seasoned gamer to lighter, family-friendly games suitable for all ages. In bringing such exceptional talents to the family game genre, we hope to expand the tabletop hobby.

“Board games are not only my job; they have become my passion. I can’t imagine doing anything else.” says Ray Wehrs, Calliope Games’ president. “For that reason, it’s become my personal mission to introduce as many people as possible to tabletop games and the experiences they create.”

“What I really enjoy about tabletop gaming is how each time you play through a game, it’s a unique experience.” says Titan designer Seth Johnson. “It’s not just who wins and who loses, but what happens along the way, and the stories of those games that are told for years afterwards.”

The games are in varying stages of development and are being targeted at different genres. A party game, a word game, a worker placement game, a light strategy game, a dice game (that uses dice in an unexpected way), a game of luck, and many more types of games are in the works, guaranteeing the project will entertain the widest audience possible.

Here you can see most of them, being photobombed by Watch It Played!‘s Rodney Smith and our own Chris Leder:

Kickstarter Designers!

Mr. Garfield wasn’t able to attend Gen Con for this announcement, but we have a picture of him in an amazing Pikachu tie for those interested.

(If you are the blond gentleman taking a picture from a much better vantage point than I in this photo, please email me.)

We’re beyond excited about this project, and we hope that you are, too. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about what you’d like to see come out of the Titan Series, please email

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13 thoughts on “Announcing the Titan Series

  1. Tanis O'Connor

    Cool project. Disappointed to see a lack of female designers in this list and picture.

    1. Cassidy Werner Post author

      Thanks! We’re excited about this project… and about working with female designers in the future. 🙂 Congratulations on your latest Pathfinder Adventure Card Game release, Tanis!

  2. Craig K

    Given that there will be a series of nine games, and incentive to support them all, your potential international backers are already wondering whether the shipping outside of the US will be less expensive if the games are not actually shipped separately.

    1. Cassidy Werner Post author

      Good question! We’re still hammering out details, but I’ll make sure that’s one of them. 🙂

  3. Paul Owen

    If it’s possible to capture the “lightning in a bottle” of a successful gateway game, you’ve certainly posed the challenge to a top-notch design team. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

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  7. Bryan

    There is such an enormous need for high quality family games accessible by those as young as 4-5, I am very excited to hear about this project! My advice would be to minimize the reading element, focus on good graphics, but don’t dumb it down! Sleeping Queens is a great example that we can learn from, but we can do so much more.

    Also, please don’t forget about girl gamers! It doesn’t have to be unicorns and ponies, but big swords and lasers also wears a little thin….

    1. Cassidy Werner Post author

      Thanks for the advice, Bryan! We’ll definitely keep girl gamers in mind, and not just because it is relevant to my interests to do so. 😀


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