GTS Come and Play Day!

Lynnwood Giraffe

The faraway land of Lynnwood is filled with stranger creatures than gamers.

PR Gremlin Cassidy here, reporting on GTS Come and Play Day. This was my first event with Calliope, and I can’t believe I’m getting paid to have so much fun! (Don’t tell Ray I said that, though–he might get ideas.) Retailers from LFGSs (Local Friendly Game Stores) all across the Pacific Northwest piled into the Lynnwood Convention Center to schmooze with publishers, demo games, and hear some pre-Gen Con announcements.

As a publisher, our time was spent demoing, first at Open Gaming Night (because even a day-long convention isn’t the same without destroying your sleep schedule) and then in a mini exhibition hall. This was my first time demoing for Calliope–or anyone, for that matter. If you’re going to start demoing games, do so in the midst of LFGS owners that teach games every day for a living. Thanks to my new friends Lorien and Carl (and their adorable kiddo Hugo) from Tacoma Games, and to game store manager turned GTS rep Nick, for being my guinea pigs.

Lorien and Carl from Tacoma Games!   GTS rep Nick May playing "Got Em!" at Open Gaming Night (GTS Come and Play Day 2014).

While I got the hang of demoing, Ray developed some new skills of his own. Below you’ll see him practicing his photobombing. He also gained a level in stealth, as he disappeared more than a few times to show off the contents of a mysterious box.. (See above photo.) I’ll get to tell you more about that later.

Ray Wehrs, President of Calliope Games, practices his photobombing skills.


Ray in demo mode. It's super effective.   Ray and a local friendly game store owner bond over the awesomeness of their shoes.

When I wasn’t demoing, I had the chance to make some new friends, including GTS minion Richard, Crits Happen founder Scott, new game store owners Don and Alex (of Aardvarks Mini Golf, Comics, Cards, & Games in Yelm, WA), and Pair of Dice Paradise podcaster Chaz. I even got to bond* with the uncut sheet of foiled Modern Masters Magic cards Wizards of the Coast raffled off.

*Read: gaze lovingly upon.

Now that I’ve got my demo legs, I’m more excited than ever for Gen Con. Not only are we going to play some great games with you all, we’re going to have some exciting announcements as well. See you there! <3

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